Currently available

for orphans in Ukraine.

I am not putting this on Ebay or Etsy
because they will take a cut.

The auction will last for 2 days.
Highest offer wins. Email me with your bid to the link provided below.
Bidding starts at 9am EST March 9, 2022,
and ends 9am March 11, 2022.

This is a One of a Kind Repainted Rerooted Dressed FR16 Fashion Royalty 16" Fashion doll Created by me. 
Includes Dress by T.D. Fashion and Sunflower Bouquet.
She will arrive in an 
appropriate box with her stand
and certificate of authenticity. 
shipping will be added on top of the bidding price.
emails are time stamped and I will keep track of the highest bid and the time it was submitted.
Don't be shy making an offer. Every dollar amount no matter the size will help these children.
Once the auction ends, the highest bidder will be contacted and I will direct them where to make the donation, and where to send me shipping costs and an address. 
thank you.
Please Pray for Peace.