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 12" dolls ($105 and up) Fashion Royalty and Barbie (note: Barbie dolls require that I glue the hair in because the heads are so soft. The vinyl is very fragile and they are almost always over-rooted so the heads always tend to split and I have to repair them first. Please be aware of this ahead of time.) 

12" dolls ($120 and up) Monster High, Ever After, Bratz and My Scene

16" dolls ($150 and up) Tonner Tyler type dolls, and Fashion Royalty FR16.

Ellowyne Wilde and similar sized dolls are ($200 and up)


Partial reroots (price varies depending on what you are having done. I can do parts, or add hair to a thinly rerooted head, or add highlights. Email me for a price quote.)  


*If you look around my website, the majority of my dolls have been completely rerooted. A basic haircut, and style (either straight hair or a perm) is included in this price.  Elaborate hairstyles and specialty styles and cuts are not.


*The hair for the doll is also included in this price. Base price includes saran hair. Nylon hair , and specialty fibers cost more.


I also offer services for flocking a doll's head (like G.I. Joe's crew cut.) Please email me for a price quote. 

Commissions for herringbone braids ($100) &  hair salon are also welcome (prices vary depending on the style--please email me for details.) 

Reroot services

Angels Fantaisie wigs

Natural fiber wigs Galleries

Click for link to Natural Wig gallery page

Click for link to Man Made Fiber gallery page

Saran and Nylon Wigs


Kanekalon Wigs


Click for link to Dreadlock gallery page

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