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Commissions are accepted for the following services:

(please note that you provide the doll

and pay shipping to and from my studio.

Shipping costs are not included)  


FACEUPS: (repaint not including the eyes in the case of a inset eye doll-- $110. 


 REROOTS: 12" dolls ($105 and up) Fashion Royalty and Barbie (note: Barbie dolls require that I glue the hair in because the heads are so soft. The vinyl is very fragile and they are almost always over-rooted so the heads always tend to split and I have to repair them first. Please be aware of this ahead of time.) 

12" dolls ($120 and up) Monster High, Ever After, Bratz and My Scene

16" dolls ($150 and up) Tonner Tyler type dolls, and Fashion Royalty FR16.

Ellowyne Wilde and similar sized dolls are ($200 and up)


Turnaround is usually  6 weeks.

Agreement is as such: Full amount down for new customers. For repeat customers, I offer half down initially and the remaining half and shipping upon completion of the project. Initial down-payment is non-refundable.  I will create a written contract/work order for you for your confidence as well as a detailed description of what is included in your commission upon request. If you fail to make payment for the balance, within 30 days of completion of the project, I will assume that you are no longer interested in the item, and it becomes my property. I will make several attempts to bill you and contact you before I assume the property of the item. 


I do not take commissions for celebrity likenesses or portraits.


I am comfortable and have experience working on both vinyl and resin dolls.


Shipping details: I ship USPS for most items. UPS can be arranged. I will not undeclare your item on customs forms or falsify customs forms. This is illegal, and I could be fined, lose my business or end up in jail.


I do not support recasts, and will not work on these items. I have the right to refuse your project should the item be a recast or for any other reason I deem unacceptable or unethical. I will return your item, and refund your money.


All items from a smoke free and pet free studio.


Thank you for your interest.

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